Composition 3 builds on compositional tools acquired by the student in previous composition and performance modules with the purpose of giving them further
collaborative and creative opportunities, with a view of understanding the aesthetic possibilities and implications in a given work.

Students will be encouraged to draw from a range of creative activities: collaboration throughusing a range of multimedia, creating scores, lead-sheets or electronic realisations will be examined in detail with practical feedback and learning by doing. Collaboration between pathways is required for the final project as creative teamwork is very much integral to a professional composer’s life. In this collaboration, in the final item from their portfolios, Music students will work in groups with artists outside their discipline where their various skills can complement each other in the production of artistic works. Formal and stylistic aspects of compositions are discussed in reference to the various types of music under production.

Students will be able to choose whether to pursue notated compositional outputs, digitally
recorded and/or generated outputs, or pieces partially comprised of both through-composed elements and improvisation to suit their particular needs. Those choosing to use notated outputs will be expected to provide recordings of live performances of these outputs.