The module is structured in 3 separate 4-week blocks. Each one ends with a workshop where we perform and present the composition items for the portfolio.

The portfolio is made of 3 sections: 100% for 3 contrasting compositions (the first two are worth 25%, the final 50%).

The entire portfolio including the final piece is due in by

 Week 13; Monday 19th December, 2pm, 2016, to the i-Centre (This is the final due date. You may hand your portfolio in earlier). You will receive feedback 20 working days after the hand-in on January 25th.

NB All information should be submitted electronically. Please only submit one CD or thumb drive. 700MB maximum. If you can’t fit your material in this space, compress it until you can. Please don’t use adhesive tape so that it touches the disc.

The portfolio is made of 3 sections:
100% for 3 contrasting compositions and their accompanying commentary (first two are worth 25%, the final 50%). The following is indicative of course contents:

  1. – Project 1: composition (notations) 25% This will be an examination of the various ways that notations and other forms of inter-musician communication can come together in a range of styles, with an emphasis on the aesthetic implications of the various ways of working. The commentary and bibliography accompanying the piece will elaborate on the types of notation considered, the relationships created between the musicians and why you have chosen to use them. Remember, the idea with all these pieces is to become aware of the issues underlying any work you undertake, and how a slightly different viewpoint can radically alter the final outcome.
  2. – Project 2: composition (extremes) 25% This will look at the use of extreme elements in the creation and structuring of a piece, such as the use of slowness, quietness (and their opposites). Your accompanying commentary and bibliography will detail the methods chosen and why.
  3. – Own-choice composition 50% For the final piece you may choose your own project, in discussion with the module tutor. You are encouraged to consider collaborative work with other(s) from MPA or other departments. If you choose to collaborate a primary concern will be the process of collaboration itself with disciplines that are outside of music, such as film or drama, the constraints of working to a brief and how other artistic genres alter your mode of perceiving and working. The commentary and bibliography will discuss how your work had to accommodate the views of others and briefly document the process.

NB if you choose to use notated material in any of the above submissions you will be expected to provide performances or recordings of live instrumentalists in your final portfolio.

The FINAL Portfolio, with all accompanying material, must be submitted to the iCentre by 2pm, Monday 19th December 2016 with the appropriate cover sheet.