Week 5


Student Managed Learning

  • Consider and start composing your piece for workshop 2
  • Next week is a collaborative session on music and film with students and staff from the Cambridge School of Art, 10am-1pm, COS117

General Feedback from workshop 1

  • Arrive early and be prompt.
  • Have discussed what you’re going to do
  • Try not to stop.
  • Try to speak as little as possible. Get on with rehearsing
  • Don’t speak individually to performers, speak to the whole group
  • Submit what’s necessary for examiner
  • Bring along a programme note and score – it’s really helpful to us and we can possibly help you.
  • Never assume anything or anyone is going to be there. Always check in advance.
  • Check in advance how your performers and instruments are going to be set out so you can all get into position quickly.
  • How much is notated and how much improvised. How much is to do with the players themselves, how reproducible is it?
  • Maybe a session on conducting/directing?
  • Allow mechanisms for your performers to coordinate if they get lost.